Doggie Daycare

Pack Animals

Dog Daycare is very similar to child daycare. The dogs can play all day while their busy parents are away. We are a cage free facility and have four separate play rooms where the dogs are divided according to size, temperament and activity levels. Many dogs become lonely, bored, even destructive at home by themselves day after day. Daycare is the solution and relieves any guilt you may be feeling about leaving your dog home alone, or staying late at the office.

Dogs are pack animals and are most happy when they can run and play with other dogs. When dogs play together it provides a different type of physical and mental stimulation that humans can't give. Dog Daycare gives your dog the best of both worlds by interacting with other dogs and then returning home to you. All activities are monitored and the dogs learn how to play in a cage free environment.

Cage FREE!

Everyday our dogs are given lots of love, belly rubs and massages by our staff. Your dog will love his new dog and human friends, while you'll love knowing he is safe and having a great time all day long! No more coming home to accidents, chewed items, or uncontrollable energy. After playing all day your dog will probably be more tired than you are, so you can both relax and enjoy the evening together. After a few visits he'll be begging to return for more fun with the new friends he has made.

Who can play? Because we are cage free, all dogs are evaluated to make sure they are non-aggressive before they are accepted into our facility. We only allow one new dog to start on any given day. This personality and place them in the best suited playgroup. All dogs must be current on all vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Another Happy Customer :)

"Paws - N - Play has been a great experience for Bayley, our rather enthusiastic 3 year old Yellow Lab. We began taking Bayley to Paws - N - Play because we were having our basement finished and had a constant stream of strangers in the house, which was very stressful for her. Now that our remodeling is done, we have continued to take her to Paws - N - Play 2 to 3 days a week. She needs and enjoys the social interaction with the other dogs, because even her daily walks still leave her with too much energy. Her days with Paws - N - Play leave her a happy dog, allowing us to relax in the evening when we get home from work. The cage-free environment is great for Bayley as she is a social butterfly who loves to play with other dogs! We recommend Paws - N - Play to anyone who has a dog that needs interaction with other dogs or just needs to get out of the house. We can rest assured each day leaving our dog at Daycare because we know the Bayley is well taken care of and is getting the attention she needs and deserves." —Steve Harlan and Lori Apodaca