Natural Pet Food


Healthy Dog = Happy Dog

Realizing that many dogs were caged for long hours while their parents worked, we felt there was a need for dogs to come together to play and socialize in a cage free environment. Out of this premise our business began in 2002. Since then we have added many new services all of which improve the quality of life for our furry friends. Part of our commitment to improving your pets' life was to add natural pet food which can add years of health and lower vet bills. Our goal is to bring as much happiness and joy to as many dogs and their families as we can and after all — good health is a great reason to be happy! 

Keep your loved pet happy & healthy with the right diet!

Raw Food Diet

It is very rewarding to help these animals regain health! Some of the symptoms that can be helped by a raw food diet are: allergies (food and environmental), dental health, arthritis, digestion problems, shedding, hot spots, yeast issues, etc. One of the most beneficial reasons is that it helps their bodies function better, which in turn helps build their immunity. This means that they will be not be affected by as many common ailments that dogs contract and the results are a longer, healthier life. Our customers report their Veterinarians are seeing better functioning of their pet's vital organs such as liver, kidney, etc. on test results. In fact, many Veterinarians switch pets with cancer to a raw food diet to help starve the tumors and start the healing process.  

Brands We Carry

The companies listed on this page are just some of the pet food brands we carry. We also sell top quality dry, canned and grain free foods. In addition, we carry many natural treats, raw and smoked meaty bones. Most of our treats are dried or smoked meats. We do not have any food or treats in our store that have corn, soy or wheat in their ingredients. Also, we do not carry any items that are tested on animals. Lastly, we carry high quality supplements such as fish oil, enzymes, probiotics, glucosamine, colostrum and other supplements to help enhance your pets' health. If you would like us to order a particular item, just ask, we will try to get it for you. 

One of the true pioneers of natural pet foods and holistic pet health care.
Improving the quality of life, health and happy pets thru wholesome raw foods.
The first and only USDA Certified, natural, raw diet complete with added vitamins and minerals for your dog's everyday needs, for all life stages.
Nothing artificial. Just all-natural, human-quality ingredients.
The raw pet food diet designed by nature for healthy dogs.
There is truly no other raw pet food facility like ours anywhere!
All our recipes are made with 100% human-grade ingredients that you'd recognize from your own kitchen.
For those wanting the best nutrition and safest diets for their pets.
Fresh-frozen and freeze-dried REAL MEAT diets for dogs.